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Are you tired of your glasses? Do you dream of getting free of them forever? LASIK eye surgery at Benjamin Eye Institute is a quick and painless solution to your vision problems. If you are looking to improve your vision in the Los Angeles area, then set your sights on the professional and compassionate team at Benjamin Eye Institute. Your improved vision could be just weeks away. Patients often say that LASIK is the best decision they have ever made.

What is LASIK?

LASIK is an acronym that stands for Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. It may also be referred to as laser eye surgery or laser vision correction in Los Angeles. Simply put, Dr. Benjamin utilizes a laser to reshape the inner cornea of the eye. The cornea, or the clear outer protective covering of the eye, once reshaped will correct a patient’s vision issues. It is the most common eye surgery performed in the country.

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What is LASIK like?

Prior to surgery:

Numbing eye droplets are applied to the eye to alleviate any discomfort that may be experienced during the procedure. The eye doctor may also provide medication to aid in relaxation.

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The 6 Steps of LASIK

  1. Create a thin corneal flap
  2. Lift and reflect the hinged flap to expose the underlying corneal stroma
  3. Correct the refractive error by reshaping the cornea with an EXCIMER laser
  4. Return the corneal flap to its original position
  5. Smooth the flap to remove any wrinkles
  6. Ensure adherence of the flap to the underlying stroma (without stitching or glue)
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The day of LASIK eye surgery

You can eat lightly prior to the procedure; however, do not consume caffeine (soda, chocolate, and coffee), alcohol or tobacco. Do not wear any facial make-up, eye make-up or any skin creams, lotions or moisturizers. Do not wear any scented products (i.e. perfume or cologne) or use hair products that contain alcohol (such as hair spray or mousse). The aromatic and alcohol vapors can impair the laser beam.

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Preparing for your procedure

Pre-operative appointments

As with other procedures, there are certain instructions you should follow prior to your LASIK surgery. If you need an additional copy of pre-operative instructions, you can find them here. There are certain things you will need to avoid prior to your LASIK procedure, so be certain that you read and follow your instructions carefully.

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Your recovery

Maintain your new vision by protecting your eyes in the sun and from other elements. Make-up and mascara should be avoided around the eyes as well. Be sure to see the complete list of instructions on how to care for your eyes.

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Why choose the Benjamin Eye Institute for LASIK?

Choosing a LASIK surgeon is a major decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. At Benjamin Eye Institute, Dr. Arthur Benjamin and his excellent staff are experts in performing a variety of eye surgeries, including refractive surgery and LASIK. Additionally, we are not just a laser vision correction center, where everyone is a “perfect candidate” for LASIK. We are a comprehensive ophthalmology practice. We understand that you are unique, and so are your visual demands.

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Unmatched attention to detail

The most advanced laser vision correction platform in the world is not enough for great results. The laser performance and ultimately the surgical results greatly depend on numerous factors.

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Our results speak for themselves

Our attention to detail in all of the above must be the reason that our enhancement rate (the likelihood that you will need further corrective procedures) is less than 3%. This is well below the industry national average of 15%.

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Benjamin Eye Institute: Featuring state-of-the-art technology

State-of-the-art technology is at the heart of every successful LASIK procedure. At the Benjamin Eye Institute, we are at the forefront, employing only the latest technologies and advancements for laser vision correction. The Wavelight Allegretto Eye-Q 400 excimer laser and Intralase FS2 60 KHz femtosecond laser represent the latest laser vision correction technology. The combination of these advanced surgical lasers allows us to deliver safety, precision and remarkable vision correction outcomes. We have a unique, brand new climate-controlled laser suite and advanced diagnostic equipment, such as the Pentacam HR, to add an extra margin of safety and precision.

LASIK Overview

Meet our founder and chief surgeon, Dr. Arthur Benjamin

Arthur Benjamin, MD is a board-certified ophthalmologist with more than 12 years of experience in surgical vision correction procedures in Southern California. He has performed thousands of refractive surgeries, including:

  • PRK
  • ICL
  • Clear lens exchange
  • Cataract surgery

As the first ophthalmologist in Los Angeles to perform the innovative AcrySof ReSTOR IOL procedure, he is a recognized and respected specialist in vision correction.

Dr. Benjamin earned his undergraduate degree cum laude at Cornell University and his medical degree from the prestigious Duke University School of Medicine. He completed his internship at the Harbor UCLA Medical Center and acquired his ophthalmology training at the world-renowned Jules Stein Eye Institute at the UCLA School of Medicine, where he now serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology, sharing his expertise with the next generation of refractive surgeons.

Dr. Benjamin is on the Refractive Care Committee of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ASCRS). Perhaps the most impressive endorsements of Dr. Benjamin’s services come from his own peers. More than 400 medical doctors and optometrists have trusted their patients to Dr. Benjamin for surgical care, and the referrals just keep coming.

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LASIK Overview

Meet leading Los Angeles LASIK surgeon, Dr. Pamela Golchet

Dr. Pamela Golchet specializes in ophthalmology, treating and diagnosing a variety of eye diseases for patients of the Benjamin Eye Institute, including vision loss, detached retinas, glaucoma and more. She also possesses a high degree of expertise in performing complex eye surgeries, including LASIK, refractive surgery and lens replacement operations. Dr. Golchet achieved her medical degree from the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine and completed her residency at McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University.

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At the forefront of advanced laser technology

At Benjamin Eye Institute, we use two of the most advanced lasers on the market, along with the latest diagnostic technologies available. These tools represent the latest in vision correction technology, allowing Dr. Benjamin and Dr. Golchet to perform among the best LASIK Los Angeles has to offer, with safe, precise and remarkable vision correction outcomes.

Wavefront Technology: Because We Live in a “High-Definition” World

Because everyone’s eyes are unique, Dr. Benjamin utilizes Wavefront™ Optimized technology to diagnose and later treat your eyes. Wavefront optimization takes into account the three-dimensional map of your eyes prior to treatment and is the most accurate technology available to treat visual distortions, including lower and higher order aberrations. The difference between traditional LASIK and LASIK using Wavefront Optimized technology is like the difference between regular and hi-definition television.

IntraLase Technology: The No-Blade Method

The IntraLase is a precise, all laser, 100% blade free technique for creating the corneal flap – the first step in the laser vision correction procedure. Dr. Benjamin uses IntraLase to eliminate many of the potential complications associated with the microkeratome blade, an older technique for creation of corneal flap.

The IntraLase method uses pulses of laser light instead of a blade to create tiny bubbles at an exact predetermined depth. When these bubbles coalesce, a perfect flap is formed that is customized to your vision needs. Once this corneal flap has been created and reflected back, the next step of your LASIK treatment can begin.

Pentacam HR: A highly sophisticated diagnostic tool

The Pentacam HR is equipped with a slit illumination system and a Scheimpflug camera, which rotates around the eye creating a precise topographic map of the eye’s anterior segment. Another camera takes images of the pupil to track any possible eye movement. As a result, Pentacam collects and analyzes information that may be very important for diagnostic purposes. In laser vision correction, Pentacam is used in determining candidacy for a refractive procedure. The Benjamin Eye Institute is one of the few practices in California to have access to this technological marvel.

Schedule your consultation today

If you’re interesting in having LASIK at the preeminent destination for vision correction surgeries in Los Angeles, the Benjamin Eye Institute, please contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.

During your appointment, either Dr. Benjamin or Dr. Golchet will review your surgical options with you and help you plan for your custom procedure.

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Orsi N., Google +

If you're thinking about LASIK surgery, don't even look further. Dr. Benjamin is the absolute best!! Couldn't be happier with his services.

elgordo123, City Search

Dr. Benjamin was so friendly that I can't wait until my next appointment! I DEFINITELY recommend him to anybody looking for a great ophthalmologist!


Wow, what a huge difference a short 15 minutes makes! Having spent so much of my life helpless without my glasses and inconvenienced by an expensive contacts routine -- suddenly I could see, and with minimal down-time.

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  • Photo of Doe G.
    Doe G.
    Los Angeles, CA
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    Wow! I just had surgery by Dr. Benjamin  yesterday. Today I have 20-20, in that eye. Painless & perfect. I had no Idea, what I had been missing.
    Wonderful eye institute. Delightful & very efficient & up to date staff. Especially Myka. Treat yourself to good eye sight by the charming Dr. Benjamin. You will be in good hands.

  • Matt P.
    West Hollywood, CA
    214 friends
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    I have had dry eyes for a quite sometime and had seen several physicians and got eye drops etc but not until I have seen  Dr. Benjamin I found how serious problem that it was. I had the most thorough and individual attention by Dr. Benjamin. He explained to me my problem and treatment options available. Dr. Benjamin and His staff  are very caring and they spend as much time with you as needed and one feels taken care of. I was given state of the art treatment for my dry eyes and my eyes went from feeling tired , red , scratchy and itchy to brilliantly glowing clear. Office is very serene and staff is attentive, pleasant and smiling. Dr. Benjamin is very down to earth and explains thoroughly that one understands what alis them. I will definitely  keep coming back for all my eye issues.

  • Photo of Renee T.
    Renee T.
    Los Angeles, CA
    33 friends
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    29 photos

    I wish I had come to Dr. Benjamin years ago!!!

    I have been hopping around between 3 eye doctors in the last few years complaining of severe eye pain, redness - so bad I haven't been able to wear contacts for a year. Every other doctor made a diagnosis in 2 minutes, prescribed a few things and sent me on my way. Nothing helped and the doctors kept saying my eyes looked fine despite my symptoms. Finally I saw Dr. Benjamin, and he listened to my concerns from top to bottom and did tests the other doctors never did! He made a brand new diagnosis which finally makes sense and fits my symptoms. He spent almost an hour with me which is unbelievable. I am so impressed with this place, even the front desk and other staff were so friendly. I'm so relieved and am looking forward to making a recovery with Dr. Benjamin and eventually getting LASIK.

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